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About Us

Is Happy Dog Project really a project?

Yes it is. It is about raising awareness of how we can improve our life shared with our dogs.

Dog ownership is a rewarding experience, the health and behavioural benefits are widely researched and documented.

Dogs assist us in many ways, sniffer dogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue and so on......

Of equal importance is the role of companion dogs. If you are a dog owner you know that your dog will always be happy to go out with you, there will always be a wagging tail to say hello when you come home from work and they won't criticize your hair style.

Dogs have walked alongside man for milenia. During the long walk that has been our mutual relationship dogs have sometimes paid the consequences for our limited understanding. That relationship will at times end up being a slippery slope.

It saddens me immensely the fact that so many dogs end up being surrendered to shelters. It is a reality that I would like to see change. Some dogs will be rescued, some will pay the ultimate price. But what about those dogs who do have a home? There is also room for improvement on that front. A dog owner myself, I am involved in training with my mate Lucas. All this training has provided a look into different philosphies not just about training but also on the meaning a dog has for different people.

More importantly, the bond I share with my dog and the intention to keep my promise to look after him impulsed me into learning about the things that would make his life whole and fulfilling. Behaviour, learning , diet, health, training. During this journey I wished I could encourage like-minded dog owners to take the same journey into learning and understanding about this great endeavour that is life with dogs, not to end up thinking like me but to make their own informed decisions.

Happy Dog Project has been a dream for a long time, inspired by my mate Lucas, it has now become a reality..............


I am.......



I am Lucas (a.k.a. Chanchito, Mr Handsome, Malandro, Rhinoceros). 

I am the El Presidente of the Malandro Club. 

I like walkies, fetching, sheep, beach and river, obedience, chicken necks, meaty bones and camping with daddy.




I am Eduardo Monreal (a.k.a. Mr Ed)

I am the human half of the project; in charge of the talking, writing, speaking, driving, cooking, cleaning, ball tossing, you name it.......


Our Logo......?


Our Coat of Arms or Logo is a statement. It carries a message and it goes like this.......



The Rampant Dog as the centre piece is a symbol of a dog that is confident and spirited.

His confidence stems from love, support and loyalty, which empowers him to be in harmony and free from worry.

Alacris et Pietas

Alacris as a synonym for active, cheerful, eager, playful.

Pietas for loyalty and devotion. This concept shall not only be applicable to the dog, but also to the human component of the equation as a solid foundation for a deep and heartfelt relationship.

Playful and Loyal

One of the symbols of pietas was the stork, as the Romans believed that it demonstrated family loyalty by returning to the same nest every year, and that it took care of its parents in old age.


Depending of the intention of the user it could refer to someone who does things that you disapprove of, but who you still like.

The concept of malandro is not as simplistic as thug. Malandro can also mean naughty.

It can also be quite affectionate, especially if you use it referring to children or young people (or dogs).

A mischievous or cheeky person (rascal).The malandro, or bad boy is significant to Brazilian culture as a folk hero. 

In a nutshell, we have embraced this term to describe dogs that while still loving and obedient, keep that fire in their belly that shines through.